VAC-PACT Project

The Vaccination Confidence – Patients’ and Professionals’ Awareness, Communication and Trust EU-funded project provides patients with chronic diseases, health professionals, and supporting communities with tailored information about the importance of vaccines in their specific contexts, working towards improving vaccine uptake and confidence. With the European Patients’ Forum (EPF) we redesigned and built a custom platform accessible in 20 languages, making this crucial information available across the continent.


About the client

The European Patients’ Forum (EPF) is a non-profit umbrella organisation of patient organisations across Europe and across disease-areas with 77 members. EPF is involved in the EU funded VAC-PACT project that aims to improve uptake and confidence in vaccines for patients with chronic diseases, families and supporting communities. They hired us to build a custom platform with e-learning functionalities showcasing information about vaccines in 20 languages.

Look and feel

UI redesign

Improved look compared to the old VAC-PACT site


24 Languages

Internationalized interface to display data in 24 EU languages

Advanced functionalities

E-learning platform

Creation of a custom made e-learning platform


Blazing fast load time

Achieve fast load speeds, to improve access from devices with slow connection

The initial challange

The old VAC-PACT website needed a substantial redesign and robust development solutions for the desired multilingual function. The client’s previous platform was a WordPress-based implementation with several limitations and poorly structured UI/UX design. The site was performing poorly in the search engines due to its slow load speed and lack of optimization. What’s more there were several inconsistencies in the general look and feel.

Our solution

We developed an innovative application with an internationalized interface through a process tailored to the needs of the client, including redesign, development, and deployment to the cloud of a full-stack application. We built this complex ecosystem focusing on multilingual feature with a modern looking interface and well-structured content. Our NextJS based solution came with natively supported features like multilingual support, blazing fast performance, improved SEO and unique user experience. We reorganized the information architecture and we applied a consistent look and feel throughout the entire site. The responsive platform became cleaner and more simplified. The course functionality was built more intuitive and easier to use.

Look and feel

Massively Improved UI

Improved look compared to the old VAC-PACT site


24 Languages

Successful multilingual implementation in 24 languages

Internationalized E-learning


We created a custom E-learning platform translated to 24 languages

Load Speed




Extreme fast performance boost (Load speed under 620ms)

645% Increase

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