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In 2020, ECAS approached us to design a logo for its 30th anniversary, increase its website traffic to its 2017 levels, improve its newsletter, streamline its communication operations, and build a strong communication strategy. We have not only increased their followership and traffic on every single channel and over-delivered in every single aspect, but we have also helped to strengthen the communication department to the point where it has remained constant and successful during the past three years.

Main Goals

Create a communication strategy that works

Develop communication strategy

Co-create a clear and effective communication strategy that aligns with the organisational objectives and goals.

Get the website traffic back to its 2017 level

Increase website traffic

Bring back the annual website traffic after declining by almost 30% yearly for the last three years.

Ensure the success of digital campaigns

Support promotional campaigns

Help the Communication Team to set up successful digital campaigns with both paid and organic means.

Support with website revamp

Website redesign coordination

Help ECAS to create a tender and coordinate the entire process of the redesign of its website with a third-party.

Ad hoc graphic asset creation

Graphic design support

Design professional graphic assets for events and campaigns.

Improve communication efficiency

Streamline operations

Help the the ECAS communication department streamline operations to save time and resources, and achieve its goals more effectively.

Our solution

We provided personalised Communication Consulting to ECAS with monthly alignment meetings. We've set up and maximised their Google Ad Grants account, allocating $10,000 every month on FREE search advertising, generating a massive amount of extra traffic. In addition, we are supporting campaigns on an ongoing basis with Google and social media advertising setup and management, as well as with ad hoc professional graphic design support. We also coordinated the revamp of the ecas.org website in 2022 from day 0 to going live, and we've successfully streamlined the ops of the communication department.


Key achievements

This year traffic increased 187% compared to 2022

+75% yearly traffic increase on average

With the help of Google Ad Grants ($10,000 FREE search ad spend), we returned the traffic level its 2017 level.

European Commission Operating Grant Application

91% Communication Strategy Score

The Communication Strategy we prepared for ECAS received an evaluation score of 91% from the European Commission's Operating Grant Evaluation Committee.

Each ECAS Channel is Growing

Growth, Growth Everywhere

Website traffic and social media followership have increased significantly on each channel since we joined the team. ECAS' followership grew on Twitter by +8%, on Facebook by +21%, on LinkedIn by +122%, and on Instagram by +278%.

Our client said

Boostern team has a thorough understanding of ECAS communication needs, providing analysis of data and analytics and supporting our communications activities through online advertising.

Marta Azevedo Silva

Communications Manager