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Graphic Design for ECAS in 2023

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During 2023 we were requested to design a variety of assets for the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS), a non-profit organization that empowers citizens to create a more inclusive and stronger European Union. The assets included ad banners for paid PPC promotion, a new organizational business card and an event flyer for the State of the Union Citizens’ Rights 2023 Conference. We worked closely with ECAS to ensure that all of the design assets met their specific needs and goals. We also provided ECAS with guidance on how to best use the assets to achieve their desired results. The design assets were well-received by the organization and its members. The ad banners were successful in generating traffic and conversions to support several promotional campaigns. The new business card has been well-received by ECAS's partners and stakeholders, and the event flyer helped to promote the State of the Union Citizens' Rights 2023 Conference, which was a success.


Our client said

Boostern team has a thorough understanding of ECAS communication needs, providing analysis of data and analytics and supporting our communications activities through online advertising.

Marta Azevedo Silva

Communications Manager