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Missing Children Europe Printed Reports 2022

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The purpose of the annual report is to provide a comprehensive overview of the organisation's accomplishments and progress in the previous year, as well as to outline future plans and challenges. This specific project involved the design of the latest edition of the Missing Children Europe Annual Review & Figures and Trends Reports. The design and visual elements were crafted to align with this theme, highlighting the increasing importance of online communication, smartphone usage, and community building efforts.


Our client said

It's been a pleasure working with Boostern. They tried their best to understand our demands and were accommodating when it came to our budget. Their timeliness, good communication, and problem-solving creativity made the partnership a seamless. They were specifically accommodating when there were delays in our side and still tried to be flexible enough so that we could meet deadlines. We highly recommend Boostern for design and branding services and eagerly anticipate future collaborations.

Patricia Morais

Communications Officer