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MS Barometer Project

Case study

The MS Barometer is a benchmarking tool collecting key information on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 35 countries. We helped this nonprofit initiative to achieve greater impact in two stages. In stage one, we designed a professional layout for their 50-pager report and for 35 country factsheets. In stage two, we designed a user-friendly interface and developed a hybrid future-proof web app to be able to showcase, compare and edit the data of the Barometer.





About the client

The European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP) is a Pan-European umbrella organisation with over 30 years of expertise. They work together with 43 members organisations from 37 countries and our partners to ensure that the more than one million people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS) in Europe, have a real voice in determining their own priorities. EMSP runs several pilot projects. One of them is the MS Barometer, a benchmarking advocacy tool collecting key information on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 35 countries. EMSP Hired us to design a layout for the 50-pager 2020 report and its 35 country factsheets which were also translated to different languages. We were also asked to develop an interactive platform where the main data from the Barometer is showcased and where the national level data can be compared with each other. All this made future proof with a custom backend where the future editions of the barometer can be uploaded in a user friendly format.

Main Goals


Platform development

Develop a unique platform to showcase complex data


Admin platform

Develop an admin platform to manage the data from anywhere


Fast load speed

Despite the huge amount of data, keep loading times to a minimum

The initial challange

The MS Barometer has been published for the last 13 years as a long PDF report. One of the challenges of this project was not only to design an attractive layout for the report and new country factsheets, but to use the power of storytelling through visual expression to make it easier to digest. Another challenge of the project was clearly the implementation of an interactive online platform where all the data included in the 50-pager report could be showcased in a user-friendly format, as well as offering a unique feature to compare the data of different countries across Europe. Apart from these points, we need to highlight the custom backend, which will make it possible for the organisation to edit or create new Barometers online introducing updated data via the intuitive admin interface. At last, the key challenge of this project was the short timeline. We’ve delivered on both the printed design and platform development in only 60 days.

Our solution

The first stage of this project was concluded with the delivery of printed designs of the 50-pager report and 35 2-pager factsheets after unlimited feedback rounds. The second stage of the project included the development of the backend, including tasks like authenticating, CRUD operations and additional functionalities like file upload and content reading from XLSX files on Strapi (open source headless CMS) with some custom made functionalities. It also included the front-end development made in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. To speed up the development we also used technologies such as React (front end library), NextJS (framework built upon react that enables SSR and hybrid SSR) and other libraries like recharts (to generate the charts dynamically based on data), material-ui (to improve UI consistency), material-table (to generate consistent table layouts) and framer-motion for animations. The front end was detached from the backend and the communication is handled by a REST API, so the front end appearance can be modified at any later point without affecting the backend functionality. The user view consisted of a responsive 7-page layout including unique features like interactive map, chart display with chart builder functionality in the backend, comparison view, country profiles and more.


Key achievements


Loads in under 2s

Impressive performance despite the huge amount of data

*Load speed even on slow connections



Factsheet downloads



Google Lighthouse Score

Our client said

The Boostern team is flexible, trustworthy and responsive. They effectively delivered multiple digital solutions for us. As well as their immense knowledge and expertise, they are very proactive and strive for excellence. The value you get from them and the quality of their work sets them apart from other providers.

Emma Rogan

EMSP Campaigns and External Engagement Coordinator