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Paediatric Caregivers Report Design

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This project aims to identify existing resources and unmet needs for caregivers of paediatric MS patients, develop a set of recommendations to improve the support received by caregivers and specialized healthcare professionals, and, ultimately, raise awareness. Our main task was to work together with the animators that created a short, animated video about the subject. We used all the different visual elements that appeared in the video to convey the same message adhering to the same style. The objective of this publication was to complement the video with more in-depth insights.


Our client said

The Boostern team is flexible, trustworthy and responsive. They effectively delivered multiple digital solutions for us. As well as their immense knowledge and expertise, they are very proactive and strive for excellence. The value you get from them and the quality of their work sets them apart from other providers.

Emma Rogan

EMSP Campaigns and External Engagement Coordinator